Use Consultants to Advertise Your Business More Effectively

Inspections to Schedule Before Buying Any New Home

First-time homebuyers are often confused about the inspections that they get for the home before a purchase. They often assume that this inspection will tell them everything about the home’s condition from top to bottom, including its overall value and any...

About Me

An old saying goes, “If you build it, they will come.” As a veteran small business owner, I want to amend that axiom with this phrase: “if they know about it.” Unfortunately, in our busy world, it isn’t enough to just make the perfect shop, restaurant, yoga studio or salon. You also have to market it. If you (like most business owners) are a novice to the world of marketing, you need the help of a consultant. This blog contains posts on my experience hiring the right consultant, asking the most effective questions and implementing the advice of consultants to market your business toward success. Hi! My name is Katy. Welcome to my blog. I hope it helps.