Tips on Finding a Job When Pregnant & Using a Labour Hire Company

16 June 2015
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Loosing your job when you are pregnant can be a pain. It can be hard to find a job as a pregnant person, and while you may be looking forward to taking some time off for the baby, you may have also been relying on a pay cheque to support your growing family. While you won't be legally eligible for paid maternity leave through your company unless you have been there for 12 months, finding an average of 1 day a week work before you go on leave does entitle you to the governments paid parental leave scheme.

Here are some of the ways a labour hire agency can help you refine your job search.

They can find you jobs that suit your pregnancy

While you may not want to introduce the topic of your pregnancy immediately into your job search, by letting the labour hire company know which tasks you cannot manage they will not send you out on jobs that involve any tasks that you may not want to do when pregnant. Be sure to let them know if you have requirements such as restrictions on lifting or chemicals you don't want to be in contact with.

They can offer flexibility

If you are only looking for a couple of days a week work around childcare or medical appointments, labour hire companies can mark you as available on only these days. While you might not get as much work, this can be a great compromise to achieve some work/life balance.

They find short-term work

As you are about to go on leave, labour hire is a great way to find some work to supplement your income when pregnant, with no concerns about needing to return to work within a certain time frame. This can be an advantage for prospective mothers who are undecided about returning to work or staying home after the baby.

You can try a range of workplaces

If your last workplace was not ideal, and not one you pictured yourself staying at long term, labour hire gives you chance to find a workplace that might work for your longer term (close to day-cares, supportive attitude towards parents and so on). It can be great to learn this before committing to a permanent role.

Labour hire agencies are a great resource for pregnant women to find casual work. Consult hire agencies like Labour Options to learn more about your options.