How to Handle a Clogged Air Conditioner Condensate Drain

6 July 2015
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The presence of water around your furnace usually means that your condensate drain is clogged, possibly with slime. This is a problem you can easily fix without having to involve a repairman. It is important to keep checking on the condition of your air conditioner in order to ensure that your AC is efficient and long-lasting, especially if you don't generally use it often:

Materials Required

In order to save time and ensure that your project goes smoothly, it's necessary to ensure that you get the materials you need ahead of time. Visit your local hardware store and acquire tubing strips, pan tablets and 1.9cm MIPT barb fitting. Additionally, be sure to get 1.9 I.D vinyl tubing as well as a small wood dowel.

Treat the Pan with Tablets

Once you notice there's water around the furnace while the A/C is still running, it means the tubing for the condensate drain is clogged. Normally, the slime clogging the drain comes from the condensation that's on the condensation coils. It mainly contains bacteria that results in slime that consequently clogs the condensate drain.

Uninstall the drain as well as the tubing from the condensate pan on your A/C and toss them. Next, using the small wood trowel, push the pan tablets into the drain opening. Follow the instructions on the packaging in order to apply the tablets properly.

You can also get them online in the event that you don't find them in your local hardware store. These tablets are an effective way to keep slime at bay since they prevent it from condensing at the drain. Ensure that you use new tablets each month especially during air conditioning season.

Install New Tubing

The next step in the project is to add more tubing to regulate water flow and prevent slime formation. This is done especially where the use of pan tablets doesn't seem to be enough in alleviating the slime formation in the drain. Get a 1.9cm MIPT barb fitting as well as a tiny coil 1.9cm I.D vinyl piping.

Replace the older tubing with the larger diameter tubing and use the tubing straps from the hardware store. The larger diameter of the new tubing ensures that condensate flow is faster while the slime prevention tablets will decrease any chances of the formation of slime.

If the pan tablets don't alleviate the slime formation for good, then the new tubing will eliminate any chances of clogging for good thereby leaving your drain and furnace in good condition.

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