3 Benefits of Using a Migration Agent When You Apply For a Partner Visa

12 October 2022
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While you can apply for a partner visa yourself, you should consider using a migration agent to help you with this process. Why is this a good idea?

1. Find Out If You Are Eligible For a Partner Visa 

Australia's partner visa rules aren't always easy to understand. You can apply for different types of partner visas. You also might need to apply for holding visas, such as bridging or visitor visas, to cover any gaps during the application process.

You won't necessarily have the experience to know how to proceed at this point. You might not yet know if you're actually eligible for a partner visa. Or, you might not be sure which visa you need. Given the costs of this process and the impact it has on your future life, you don't want to make unnecessary mistakes here.

A migration agent can walk you through the process. They will assess your eligibility. They'll then look at your circumstances and recommend the right visa class. You'll know whether this route will work for you before you commit any time or money to it.

2. Get Expert Help With Eligibility Problems

Partner visa applications aren't always straightforward. You, or your partner, might have personal circumstances that affect your application on paper. You might think that you won't qualify for this kind of visa.

For example, some people don't qualify for partner visas because they have existing health conditions. Others might think that they aren't eligible because their partner has applied for this kind of visa in the past for another individual.

However, you might still be eligible for a partner visa even if you don't meet all the standard requirements. Most of the limitations in these rules also have waivers. Your circumstances might meet waiver rules even if they don't meet visa regulations.

A migration agent can help you assess if you can successfully apply for a waiver if you have limiting circumstances. They understand how the visa system works and can open doors for you.

3. Put Together a Solid Application

When you apply for a partner visa, you have to prove that you are in a committed relationship. You'll have to show proof of the relationship, your living arrangements and your finances.

A quick and successful application requires just the right amount of information and proof. If you put this together yourself, then you might miss out on vital details that result in a visa denial. If you use a migration agent during the application process, then they will tell you exactly what you need to provide to get the right result.

For more advice, contact migration agents and ask about their partner visa services.